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Daily rent apartments Lviv

23 EUR

Kotlyarskaya-ul, 5

1 rooms, Galitskiy district +38(067) 373-79... Updated 23.06.2018
17 EUR

Vernigoryi-ul, 16

1 rooms, Jeleznodorojnyiy d... +3806742960... Updated 17.08.2018
25 EUR

Shevchenko-pr-t, 8

2 rooms, Galitskiy district +38(093) 360-40... Updated 13.08.2018
17 EUR

Kleparovskaya-ul, 24

2 rooms, Galitskiy district +38(068) 316-68... Updated 07.08.2018
19 EUR

Pekarskaya-ul, 26

2 rooms, Galitskiy district +38(068) 316-68... Updated 21.12.2017
55 EUR

Berindyi-ul, 3

3 rooms, Galitskiy district +3806775811... Updated 05.03.2017
17 EUR

Chaykovskogo-ul, 5

1 rooms, Galitskiy district +38(063) 068-02...
25 EUR

Ryinok-pl, 19

1 rooms, Galitskiy district +38(099) 378-08...
12 EUR

Stefanika-ul, 11

1 rooms, Galitskiy district +38(068) 316-68...
19 EUR

Lyisenko-ul, 2

2 rooms, Galitskiy district +38(068) 316-68...

Sadovskogo-ul, 6

2 rooms, Lyichakovskiy dist... +3806777385...
25 EUR

Grigorenka-pl, 4

1 rooms, Galitskiy district +3806768627...

Rent an apartment for rent in Lviv in the center and in the old town

To go to the city will always be a great idea, regardless of whether you are going there on business or for leisure. Typing in "search engine" request "apartments in Lviv", you will see more than a thousand variants.

However, to remove the comfortable apartments have to flip through dozens of pages on the Internet. If you have limited time to search for and you want to find cheap accommodations, be sure to pay attention to the online resource

Ease portal already evaluated hundreds of tenants from Ukraine and foreign countries. And it's not just about pleasing the cost of living in Lviv, but also a host of other benefits. On the main advantages of cooperation with the site - on.

Apartments for rent in Lvov on and its main advantage

  1. Possibility of renting an apartment in Lviv without intermediaries. In Lviv, as well as in most Ukrainian cities, have enough apartments, you can withdraw directly from the owners. All these variants assembled on site.
  2. A large number of postuochnye apartments near Lviv attractions. If you want to live near the Market Square, the Opera House, the High Castle and other important places of the city, the site will help turn your desires into reality.
  3. The presence in the apartment of all necessary. Each owner made sure that the apartment had all the amenities, appliances, bed linen, dishes and other useful stuff. Such a level of service are the envy of even upscale hotels.
  4. Positive feedback from customers. On the Internet, you can read numerous reviews which have already benefited from suggestions from
  5. Cheap rental apartments. Of course, the cost for one night is one of the decisive factors. If you plan to rent a cheap apartments - book your apartments in advance. This will help you save considerably.

Serviced apartments and houses for a day from 250 UAH. in Lviv?

So you've decided to rent an apartment for the first time in Lviv for a day, but do not know what apartment you would expect. Here is a concrete example.

In the center of Lviv, you can rent for 600 hryvnia per day two-room apartment on site. In particular, at the moment there is an object that is a one-minute walk from the Market Square. The apartment has four beds and all amenities.

Look forward to modern renovation, beautiful furniture, kitchen, own heating system and the Internet. The apartment has hot water, electric kettle, microwave, hair dryer, boiler, linens and kitchen utensils. Hosts apartments have tried to create the most comfortable conditions in which you will feel like home. In this apartment you will be able to walk late at night in the center of Lviv, because the road home takes a few minutes.

And most importantly - rent this apartment, as well as facilities in other areas may be without the services of intermediaries that have a positive impact on your budget.

Good luck with your rental!

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